Home Decor - LED Neon Signs for Room

Fancy for having a bar at home? Join our customers to turn any place at your cozy home into a stylish bar corner with our home bar LED neon light signs. Neon bar signs for home are our all time top sellers! We have a wide range of themes from beer and pub, sports, wine & cocktail, VIP, to cigar bar. You are guaranteed to find the best lighted signs for home bar.

Our LED neon signs are sophisticated artworks carved on high quality acrylic, every piece is unique. The 3D artworks are then lit with colorful LED lights. The result is a brilliant reflection of a neon sign effect producing an incredible artistic sense. These acrylic-LED neon signs lights are mercury-free,; with low-heat emission, and easy to install and control. Enjoy the feel of a commercial bar in your own space and invite your guests toparty just like that.